Love is in the air…

20 Jun

Love is in the air…

Spring is coming to an end and the long awaited summer will be arriving in just under a day. What better time than now for a summer romance?! Revisit that great feeling when sparks are flying, adrenaline is pumping and passion is wildly flourishing. Whether its a solstice sweetheart or your doting darling, grab that gorgeous dress and dive into the extraordinary world of amour. Whose Juliet will you be?

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The Little Black Dress or the Little White Dress?

17 Jun

Which do you prefer?

The little black dress has always been a staple item in every woman’s wardrobe. In the past, it has had no competition. It flatters women of all shapes and sizes, is perfect for any date and can be fun to accessorise. However, this season’s new trend is encroaching on its turf… the little white dress. This new dress creates a fresh, summery look and is a definite contender for the little black dress. Who wins… you decide! So… which one will you be pulling out of your wardrobe this summer?

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